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Plan Beyond the Wedding Program


One Day Premarital Counseling Program

(In Person/Online for MN, Online for TX)

Pre-Marital Plan

Intro session: Relationship Story & Planning

Topic 1: Foundations for Marriage

Topic 2: Friendship & Intimacy

Topic 3: Communication

Topic 4: Managing Life Together - chores, finances, parenting

Topic 5: Solving Problems & Repair

Topic 6: Maintaining Connection & Shared Meaning

Each session includes:

discussion questions, activities, resources, & homework

Included in Package

- Free 15 minute video consultation

- Free 50 minute virtual intro session

- 6 hours of pre-marital counseling

- Plan Beyond the Wedding resource packet

* Option for online pre-marital assessment if requested






Ready to plan beyond the wedding?

Contact me to get started!



Schedule intro & premarital sessions.


Both complete a few new client forms online.




Meet for 50 min online intro session to meet, explore your relationship story, and create a plan for your personalized premarital counseling program


Dive In


6 hours of premarital counseling

Saturdays 9AM - 4 PM 

(with break for lunch)

*Inquire for other scheduling options

Plan Beyond the Wedding Package

Add Ons:

Additional Pre-Marital session (50/80 min) = $125/$175

Anniversary Connection Session (80 min) = $225

Joining Bridging Newlyweds Group discount = $50 off

Ready to invest in your relationship?
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