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Virtual Couples Therapy for Dating/Married Couples

Your relationship started with love and excitement to spend your life together

and you consider your relationship to be pretty great.

You may about to experience transitions and stressors in life such as becoming new parents,

deciding to get married, or moving for a job. Change and transitions can be scary.

The one thing you really don't want to do is lose your best friend. 

With more intentional conversations, more personal awareness, and small shifts often, you can continue to deepen your connection and know how to repair your connection when needed while navigating life together.

Move from feeling worried about changing your relationship to shifting as a team.

Let's transition your relationship with confidence!





Ready to gain momentum?

Want to learn more?

Email, call, or schedule a free video consultation to make sure we are a good fit!




Once your first session is scheduled, you will complete a few new client forms online.

I then do an in depth review of your responses so that we can gain momentum as soon as possible.




80 minute initial couples session

50 or 80 minute family history couples session

50 or 80 minute couples feedback session