You may be adjusting to recent changes or feeling like you are distant from each other.

It can leave you feeling like you are all speaking different languages when all you want is to be connected.

Therapy is one way to navigate out of negative cycles and prevent patterns during your next transition.

With small intentional shifts, you can reset to deepening and cherishing your connection.

I give parents a space where their emotions are validated and normalize the difficulty of being a parent - a 24/7 hour job with immense responsibility. No one is given a manual for parenting, and we are all doing the best we can with what resources we have.

I empower parents with skills to respond to their children’s emotional and behavioral reaction (attitude, anger, anxiety, and the like) instead of reacting in a way that may push their child away from them (yelling, increasing punishments).


I strengthen the parent child relationship in a way that pull your child closer into connection (validating, remaining calm, making repairs, and setting consistent limits).





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Once your first session is scheduled, you complete the new client packet online.

I then do an in depth review of your responses so that we can gain momentum as soon as possible.




80 minute initial family session

Separate 50 minute session with parents and teens/adults

80 minute family feedback session




We continue to meet for weekly 80 minute sessions to keep the momentum going towards the relationship and life you want.



  1. Initial Family Session (80 min) = $175

  2. Individual Session w/ Family Member A or parents (50 min) = $125

  3. Individual Session w/ Family Member B or children (50 min) = $125

  4. Feedback/Planning Session (80 min) = $175


We then continue with 80 minute family sessions ($175 each) for typically 4-6 more sessions over 2-3 months. To commit towards the process and increase effectiveness, it is recommended to commit to a weekly time to meet.