How do I know if you are the right fit for me/us?

I completely understand the question. It is strange to be searching online for a therapist. Therapy is an investment and so is your relationship. If you are on this page, you probably care about your relationships deeply and desire some ease and direction. I typically work with clients who are longing for deep and satisfying relationships - with themselves and their partner. The clients I am the best therapist for are the ones that are wanting more for their relationships and willing to take a step back to observe their own patterns.


You can learn more about me here or read a few of my blogs. I also offer free 15 minute phone consultations to answer any questions you might have about the process or my style. You can schedule the consultation here. If at any point I acknowledge that another therapist may be a better fit for you due to expertise, training, or just general fit, I will check in with you and provide referrals. 

What can I expect from the first session?

The first session is 80 minutes for you to share your story, identify goals for therapy, build rapport, get a good picture of where you currently are, and determine if we are a good fit. I typically will ask clarifying questions or questions about any areas that are important for me to understand the full picture. In the session, I seek to understand your strengths, your stuck points, and where you want to go. Following the session, I review our session and we collaborate on a plan during the next session to navigate us moving forward.


How long do sessions last?

After the first session, each session is 50 minutes. I typically meet with clients weekly for about 8-12 sessions. Once you decide that your goals were met or you are moving towards the direction you want, you can always choose to end having weekly sessions. Many clients transition to meeting bi-weekly or monthly to check-in.


Do you provide online therapy over video chat (tele-therapy)?

Yes, I offer tele-therapy from the comfort of your own space. I have found it effective and a convenient option for many couples and individuals. Due to COVID-19, I am only offering sessions via tele-therapy using a secure video system until further notice. You can learn more about tele-therapy here.

How much do you charge?

It depends on whether you are seeking individual, couples, or pre-marital therapy. Fees are listed on each page: Fulfilling Connection, Plan Beyond the Wedding, Relationship Reset, & Relationship Recovery. Your card will be charged through the secure client portal at the end of each session.


What is your availability?

My weekly availability includes evening and weekend options. When we meet for the first time, we will typically choose a weekly time for future sessions to get us started with the most momentum. You can access my calendar here and will always have access to scheduling online through the client portal.


Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. Your card will be charged in full at the end of each session. I can provide a receipt of services (superbill) as a out of network provider for you to submit to your insurance company. The superbill requires your information and for me to provide a mental health diagnosis. I recommend reaching out to your insurance provider. 

Contact me with any other questions!

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