Dating & Married Couples Therapy

You want more for your relationship. It is possible to have more than a "good enough" relationship.

Common Focus Areas

- Building effective communication skills

- Natural cycles of harmony, disharmony, and repair

- Retraining the brain to avoid common ineffective strategies

- Repairing after conflict in a way that leaves you both feeling heard, understood, and respected

- Deepening emotional connection and understanding of underlying needs/feelings

- Discovering a work-family balance that supports you so you can thrive

- Rediscovering the you in the "we"

- Prioritizing and cultivating your relationship and bond

- Adjusting to life transitions together (job, moving, etc)

- Getting on the same page for big decisions

Assessment Process and Investment

  1. Initial Couples Session (80 min) = $180

  2. Individual Session w/ Partner A (50 min) = $100

  3. Individual Session w/ Partner B (50 min) = $100

  4. Feedback/Planning Session (80 min) = $180

Moving Forward

We then continue with 50 minute couples sessions ($120 each) for typically 4-6 more sessions over 2-3 months. To commit towards the process and increase effectiveness, it is recommended to commit to a weekly time to meet.

Bridging Relationships
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