Dating & Married Couples Therapy

Your relationship was created with love and excitement to spend your life together. 

As you come across new challenges and stressors in life, it can be difficult to maintain your initial connection and intimacy that seemed so easy in the beginning.

With small intentional shifts, you can reset to deepening and cherishing your connection.

Common Focus Areas in Couples Therapy

- Building effective communication skills

- Natural cycles of harmony, disharmony, and repair

- Retraining the brain to avoid common ineffective strategies

- Repairing after conflict in a way that leaves you both feeling heard, understood, and respected

- Deepening emotional connection and understanding of underlying needs/feelings

- Discovering a work-family balance that supports you so you can thrive

- Rediscovering the you in the "we"

- Prioritizing and cultivating your relationship and bond

- Adjusting to life transitions together (job, moving, etc)

- Getting on the same page for big decisions

Assessment Process and Investment

  1. Initial Couples Session (80 min) = $180

  2. Individual Session w/ Partner A (50 min) = $100

  3. Individual Session w/ Partner B (50 min) = $100

  4. Feedback/Planning Session (80 min) = $180

Moving Forward

We then continue with 50 minute couples sessions ($120 each) for typically 4-6 more sessions over 2-3 months. To commit towards the process and increase effectiveness, it is recommended to commit to a weekly time to meet.

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