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Are you wanting a deeper understanding of yourself

and maintaining your identity in relationships?

Are you wanting more out of your current relationship?

Maybe you have been repeating the same patterns in relationships

or lose parts of yourself while in a relationship.


Virtual individual therapy may be a good fit for you. It is possible for you to feel secure and intentional in your relationship!


*Not currently accepting new clients - join waitlist for Feb 2023


- Your individual strengths and passions

- Underlying needs and feelings & how to communicate them

- How your family and past relationships have shaped you

- Relationship skills (communication, repairing, intimacy, etc.)

- Self-care strategies to feel calm and present in your relationship

- Future directions and goals for your life and relationships


  1. Initial virtual individual session (80 min) = $225

  2. Additional virtual sessions (50 min) = $150



Ready to get started?

Contact me to schedule the first session

or schedule online.

Call or schedule a free  consultation to make sure we are a good fit!



Once your first session is scheduled, you will receive a few new client forms to complete online prior to our session.

I then review your responses prior to the session so that we can gain momentum as soon as possible.


Getting Started

We start by meeting for an 80 minute virtual session.

We will explore your reasons for seeking support, expectations, history, and strengths. 

We will then collaborate on the goals and plan moving forward.



Moving Forward

We will continue to meet for weekly or bi-weekly for 50 minute virtual sessions to explore, practice skills in session to bring into your life, and move towards your goals.

As we check-in about progress, we can start to have follow up sessions or discuss having a closure session.