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Newlywed Counseling


Why Newlywed Counseling?

- Wanted to do premarital counseling but didn't have the chance

(Premarital package is still open to newlyweds as well)

- Have one disagreement that keeps coming up

- Did premarital counseling and want to follow up or continue building skills

- Want to be more intentional now with your relationship

Some Common Disagreements or Conflicts Couples Bring In

- Navigating family dynamics & expectations

- Levels of feeling connected or disconnected

- Plans with friends

- Life/work stress impacting relationship

- Managing the day to day tasks & responsibilities

- Moving or job change





Ready to invest in your marriage?

Contact me to get started!



Schedule first 80 minute couples session.


Both complete a few new client forms online.


Dive In


We explore your relationship history, strengths, and what want to takeaway. We collaborate on a plan moving forward.

Newlywed Counseling
225 for initial/80 minutes
150 for 50 minutes

Let's Connect

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