Pre-Marital Therapy

Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator & SYMBIS Facilitator

Congratulations on your engagement and planning your life together! One of the most essential steps to planning for your wedding is making the time to plan beyond the wedding and set your marriage up for success.

Plan Beyond the Wedding Program Package


  • 6 sessions

  • Plan Beyond the Wedding Resource Packet/Workbook

  • One premarital online assessment link (your preference of Prepare/Enrich or SYMBIS)

Qualifies for the Twogether in Texas benefit

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Common Topic Areas

Getting on the same page -

strength and growth areas


Building a solid foundation for marriage -

expectations and habits for success


Managing & repairing conflict together -

cycles of harmony, disharmony, and repair


Blending two families –

family relationships, values and expectations


Dreaming together –

goals and priorities

Managing life together –

roles and balance

Cultivating lasting connection–

affection, intimacy, and sex


Planning for children and adjusting parenting roles





Ready to start planning beyond the wedding?

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Once your first session is scheduled, you will complete a few new client forms online and an online pre-marital assessment.

I then do an in depth review of your responses so that we can gain momentum as soon as possible.


Getting Started


We start by meeting for two 80 minute couples sessions.

We will explore your pre-marital assessment, relationship story, and goals for your marriage!

We will then collaborate on choosing four topic areas for the remaining sessions.



Planning Beyond the Wedding


For the rest of the pre-marital package, we will meet for four 50 minute sessions to focus on topic areas that will strengthen your connection and skills to navigate life's challenges together

Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

Learn more about yourself and your relationship


Identify mutual goals and shared meaning


Improve communication skills to better express your needs/wants


Avoid potential conflict areas or common pitfalls

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Plan Beyond the Wedding Program (6 sessions) = $750


The fee is broken down at the end of each session and you have 6 months to complete the package prior to being charged the full amount.

"We went to Abby for pre-marital counseling and I highly recommend her! We really enjoyed the way she facilitated conversations between us and I feel like we're coming away with new communication skills. We're glad we worked with her."

- Past Plan Beyond the Wedding client


Yay! You are ready to dedicate time with each other, highlight your strengths, deepen your awareness and connection, and being intentional with your relationship.


You can schedule your initial pre-marital session by clicking here                    

or emailing me your upcoming availability so we can find a good time.

To get us started, please also email me: 

  • your name + email address

  • your partner’s name + email address

  • your preference in either of the online assessments

Prior to our first session, you will complete/sign new client forms online and receive a link to the virtual session via email. I look forward to getting started!


You can check out the frequently asked questions below, email me or schedule online for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we expect from each pre-marital session?

The initial session will be us getting started by exploring your relationship story, highlighting your strengths, reviewing any pre-marital assessment you completed, and collaborating on future topic areas that we will dive deeper into as we move forward. Each topic area session will focus on one area of your relationship - including discussion, techniques, activity together in session, and possibly homework assigned.

Does this pre-marital program qualify for the Twogether in Texas benefit?

The Plan Beyond the Wedding program qualifies for Twogether in Texas benefits! This means that upon completion of the pre-marital program, each couple (who are residents of Texas) will receive a certificate to present to a Texas county clerk for up to $60 off their marriage license fee and waives the 72-hour waiting period.​

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