Virtual & Personalized Pre-Marital Counseling Package

Congratulations on your engagement and planning your life together! One of the most essential steps to planning for your marriage is making the time to plan beyond the wedding and set your marriage up for

lasting, meaningful connection.


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Common Topic Areas

Getting on the same page -

strength and growth areas


Building a solid foundation for marriage -

expectations and habits for success


Managing & repairing conflict together -

cycles of harmony, disharmony, and repair


Blending two families –

family relationships, values, and expectations


Dreaming together –

goals, priorities, and supporting each other as a team

Managing life together –

roles, household responsibilities, and finances

Cultivating lasting connection–

affection, intimacy, and sex


Planning for children and adjusting to parenting roles





Ready to start planning beyond the wedding?

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Getting Started


Once our first session is scheduled, you will both complete a few new client forms available online.

I then do an in-depth review of your responses so that we can gain momentum as soon as possible.


First Sessions


We start the pre-marital counseling process by meeting for two 80 minute couples sessions.

We will explore your relationship story, discuss important relationship topics, and establish goals for your marriage based on your strength and growth areas.

We will then collaborate on choosing four topic areas to explore and gain skills for the remaining sessions.