Are you wanting a deeper understanding of yourself

and maintaining your identity in relationships?

Are you wanting more out of your current relationship?

Maybe you have been repeating the same patterns in relationships

or lose parts of yourself while in a relationship.


It is possible for you to feel whole  AND secure in your relationship!


We can explore

- Your individual strengths and passions

- Underlying needs and feelings & how to communicate them

- How your family and past relationships have shaped you

- Self-care strategies to feel calm and present in your relationship

- Future directions and goals for your life and relationships

- Relationship skills (communication, repairing, intimacy, etc.)

Process and Investment

  1. Initial session (80 min) = $150

  2. Additional sessions (50 min) = $100

Abby Van Egdom, LMFT-A
Therapist at Truth Tribe, LLC
637 W. 18th Street, Houston, TX 77008
713.352.7789 Ext. 2
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