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Workshops & Groups

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Plan Beyond the Wedding Workshop

Relationship skills workshop with other couples


4 Hour Workshop

- Relationship History & Foundation for Relationships

- Friendship

- Communication & Repair

- Maintaining Connection & Shared Meaning

Included in Workshop

- 4 hour workshop

- Plan Beyond the Wedding resource packet

Plan Beyond the Wedding Workshop = 250

Newlywed Group

Online monthly resources & community


Monthly Newlywed Group Sessions (12 sessions)

1.5 hour video chat session with up to 6 couples

Each session includes: topic with an activity & discussion 

Included in Package

- Staying intentional after the wedding

- Practicing new relational skills

- Connecting with other couples in the same life stage


1st Friday of the month at 6:30 PM

(Waitlist open for starting January 5)

Newlywed Group = 50 per session

Couple at Home
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