Young Adult Group

Are you in your 20-30's and wanting to build a community?
Are you wanting to be intentional in your relationships and career?

There are a LOT of transitions that can happen between 20-30. Some examples may be graduating college, getting your first real job, "adulting," navigating old + new friendships, and possibly having long term relationships and starting a family. And we are supposed to know how to do all of this easily and all by ourselves? That is where this group comes in.

In the group, you will have a community of other young adult women who are going through the same life transitions and get it. Each group will also add in a strategy to live more intentionally in your relational, professional, and personal life. 

For each session, click the secure link to join the video chat from the privacy of your home and be open to listen and support the other women. Feel free to be comfy, such as a drink of choice or food during the group.

Mondays @ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
8 week commitment
Virtual - over video chat

$75 per group

Led by: Abby Van Egdom, LMFTA

Ready to get started?