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Personalized Premarital Counseling in Minnesota & Texas


Congratulations! You have found your person!

Whether you are planning your wedding or newly married - you are here because you value your relationship and set your marriage up for success! You might be wishing to be even more intentional with your relationship as you move forward and navigate everything together - such as managing responsibilities, relationships with family/friends, dealing with stress, etc. You are in the right place!

What We Do

Premarital counseling is a a proactive and preventative form of couples therapy.

With Bridging Relationships, each premarital counseling program is thoughtfully designed and individualized with education, tools, and activities to help navigate the exciting and sometimes challenging journey of relationships. Couples gain communication tools, strengthen their connection, and create a deeper understanding of one another.

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Meet Abby

I believe in love and that is possible to build a strong, wonderful relationship! I am passionate about supporting couples early on in their relationship be proactive and intentional. 

I look forward to hearing your unique relationship story! We will focus on highlighting your strengths and gaining strategies to move through challenges together as a team. Connect with me to get started!

Abby Van Egdom, MA, LMFT

Photo of Abby Van Egdom, LMFT
Ready to invest in your relationship?
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