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Counseling for Dating, Engaged, & Newlywed Couples in Texas

You have found the person you want to spend your life with! 

Your relationship means so much to you and you want to keep your strong connection through whatever life throws your way. Relationships are hard! Our premarital counseling is thoughtfully designed to help you and your partner navigate the exciting and sometimes challenging journey of marriage by gaining communication tools, strengthening your connection, and creating a deeper understanding of one another.

Start your marriage confident & connected

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Learn more about yourself and your relationship


Identify mutual goals and shared meaning


Improve communication and repair skills


Avoid potential conflict areas or common pitfalls

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Wedding Ceremony

Important Topics When Getting Married

Getting on the same page


Building a solid foundation for marriage


Managing & repairing conflict together


Blending two families and backgrounds

Managing daily life together

Planning for children and adjusting to parenthood


Dreaming together

Cultivating lasting connection

Pre-Marital Counseling Services
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Meet Abby

My passion is guiding couples

to intentionally transition into marriage.

I empower couples with the tools they need to communicate as a team and maintain a deep, emotional connection.

Abby Van Egdom, LMFT

TX Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Abby Van Egdom, LMFT smiling and holding a cup of coffee
Ready to invest in your relationship?
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